If you are one of those people that simply never bothers to read your SMSs anymore, we have some bad news for you. Yesterday Econet warned it’s subscribers that data bundle prices were going to be reviewed.

Has Econet increased its data bundle prices again?

Yes. We are going to review prices is a pathetic euphemism for we are going to hike/increase data bundle prices again. This is the second time this month Econet has done this. Prices were hiked during the first week of August.

What are the new Econet daily data bundle prices?

DataPrice ZWLValidity
40MB$31 Day
180MB$6.501 Day
400MB$101 Day
800MB$151 Day
1500MB$241 Day

How do these compare to old prices?

DataOld Price ZWLValidity
40MB$21 Day
250MB$5.631 Day
750MB$11.501 Day
2GB$181 Day

So what has Econet done?

  • All daily data bundle prices have gone up.
  • The 250MB data bundle has been gutted down to a mere 180MB and yet its price has also been increased
  • The 2GB bundle is gone. Rest in peace dear bundle please greet the 3GB daily bundle in the afterlife
  • We now have a 1500MB bundle whose price is still above the previous asking price of the departed 2GB bundle