Econet have just announced that they will be releasing a new series called Glow Up. The series which will be uploaded to the YouTube and feature new episodes every Sunday is coming “soon” according to Econet.

Here is a trailer of the upcoming series

It’s about data stupid

Econet send out a message earlier informing customers that they will be increasing their data tariffs tomorrow and this comes hot on the heels of another increase. In the meantime, Econet’s customers haven’t seen a meaningful pay hike in a while.

No doubt these hikes have resulted in less people buying data. This sounds like just another attempt by Econet to entice consumers to buy data to watch the new web series. If that is the primary aim it is doubtful how successful this will be. Would a single reality like series make it worthwhile to pay those eye-popping figures for data? We think not.

Depending on how long the episodes are watching its episode could cost you more than $50 in data if not more. Spending that much to watch a show on your phone is just ridiculous. If it is entertainment you seek then you are better off going to the movies.

How does that fit into the iFlix picture

Do you remember Kwese, that brand owned by Econet Media? Well, they already have an online streaming platform called Kwese iflix that they were pushing aggressively early this year. It also has its own dedicated data bundles that you can access by dialling *143#.

Why is Econet uploading videos onto YouTube when they already have an established and dedicated video platform? That’s the question.