We know dying is now expensive as last week Nyaradzo raised their premiums. Well seeking treatment is now expensive too as CIMAS, a popular medical aid provider, have just effected a 62% raise on their premiums and an average 50% increase on doctor’s fees.

According to CIMAS, the increase is necessary given the fact that the price of everything, including essential medicines and what doctors charge, has gone up. This had resulted in members having to pay more and more in out of the pocket payments to settle the difference between what CIMAS was covering and what doctors and pharmacies were asking for.

CIMAS costs as of 1 October

Contribution CategoryMember (ZWL)Spouse(ZWL)Child/Student(ZWL)Other Dependent (ZWL)
Cimas Basicacre Package (090)
Corporate Rate50505050
Individual Rate81818181
Cimas Primary Package (100)
Corporate Rate68686868
Individual Rate119119119119
Cimas General Package(200)
Corporate Rate15115194151
Pensioner Rate12212294151
Individual Rate271271161271
Cimas Classic Private Hospital
Corporate Rate198198119198
Icare Package
Individual Rate419419276419
Cimas Private Hospital (300)
Corporate Rate338338203338
Pensioner Rate193193203338
60+ Rate: members who are over 60943943395943
Individual Rate655655395655
Cimas Private Hospital Plus Package
Corporate Rate406406218406
Cimas Medexec Package(400)
Corporate Rate536536322536
Direct Payment Doctors536536322536
Individual Rate106410646371064

The flexi 5 plan

If you like a bargain then you can consider the flexi 5 package. It is inspired by the theory that an average Zimbabwean core family used to have 5 children although that number is no doubt falling.

  • $205 ZWL for a Family of 5
  • $49 ZWL for the principal membmer
  • $29 ZWL per beneficiary