So you are one of those billionaires that can still afford bread every morning even at $9.50? Chances are that these past few days you have been having a hard time finding bread even at that steep price. Well, you are not alone. It seems bread is suddenly scarce again, there were not that many shops selling it today.

Even the popular online vendors Fresh In A Box (FIAB) were unable to secure bread for their customers. Those guys are tenacious and resourceful so you better believe that if there was bread to be found these guys would have found it:

Despite our very best efforts and NINJA acrobatics, consulting the very highest of N’angas and Mystics; We have finally failed to secure bread for your boxes. In every shortage, we have managed to make a plan, but this time, it just seems different. None of the vendors who used to hook us up previously have any. We could not find any bread delivery trucks to chase and our supplier just isn’t delivering. So if you ordered Bread from us, please bear with us and we will make sure we deliver when it becomes available. Sorry guys. Zim happens…

Fresh In A Box

There are rumours

We are not ones to believe in rumours but one compelling rumour doing rounds is that there is another wheat shortage and bakers want the increased operational costs driven by things like fuel and electricity to be factored in and a new price to be arrived at. $14 dollars per loaf seems to be what they want.

This is just a rumour though it is pretty compelling, just remember it’s not conclusive evidence. But we have seen it countless times before, shortages followed by price hikes soon after.

It is hard to imagine how many loaves of bread they will sell at that price. But again it seems businesses no longer care much about being reasonable anymore; not when it comes to prices. They have their heads stuck out in outer space.