Prices have been going up every day for virtually all commodities. Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of these changes. Here at we are here to help.

If your question is:

How much are beef and beef-related productions in Zimbabwe or Harare right now?

We have you covered. Below is what various supermarkets are charging for popular beef products.

BeefOKFood WorldChoppiesPick N Pay
T bone29.95
Super blade38.9032.9942.99
Country Style/Shop
Country Style Colcom 500g26.3025.99
Country Style Garfunkel's 500g20.5016.99

Things to note

  • Different supermarkets use different labels for different beef cuts, what is economy in what shop can be commercial or beef on steak in another
  • To avoid this we tried hard to make sure we compared to like products only.
  • There are different types of guru here we were generally looking at rough tripe
  • Matumbu refers to casings
  • Pick N Pay, in particular, the Jason Moyo and Join City branches had the most variety of beef cuts and related products. FoodWorld (Jason Moyo and Coppercabana branches) was particularly lacking in this area, unfortunately.