Yesterday afternoon we learnt that the Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission (ZACC) had “arrested” the Minister of State For Policy Implementation In the Office of The President (let’s just call him Minister from now on) on allegations of criminal abuse of office.

Many people were not impressed by the arrest as they divined the case like many such cases against the so-called bigwigs, would falter and go nowhere eventually. Corruption cases against powerful figures in this country have a habit of just simply dying a quiet death in the end or simply going into indefinite limbo.

Zimbabweans on Twitter mocked the government’s efforts and called it “catch and release.” Minister Gumbo had been caught and sooner or later he was going to be released. Well, it didn’t take long, usually, there are lots of frantic bail hearings before the government relents and lets a bigwig go. Not in this case.

The ZACC released him, we learnt last night. They did this so the good Minister could spend his time in bed. The Minister will be very kind to enough to find time to appear in caught today facing an endless list of charges.