According to multiple sources, Minister Joram Gumbo has been arrested by the Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission in connection with alleged corruption involving murky Air Zimbabwe deals conducted during his tenure as Transport Minister.

He is allegedly facing charges of criminal abuse of office.

Hon. Gumbo was also Minister of Energy before he was moved to be Minister of State responsible for Policy Implementation- in effect Minister of Nothing as where he has been for the past few months, essentially disappearing from the public’s spotlight. It was during his tenure as Minister of Energy that fuel shortages resurfaced after a long hiatus that started back in 2008.

“This is catch and release”

Like us, most people are no longer impressed by these high profile “arrests” by the ZACC. Not so long ago Minister Mupfumira was arrested in a very public scandal that everyone has since forgotten about. Although she was fired from her position as Minister of Environment, Tourism and Hospitality Industry even the Parliament website still lists her as Minister of the same.

The case against her, just as with many against high profile individuals is all but dead. Even the State media which vilified her for at the time has since stopped. She, former Minister Chombo and many others are all out on bail or some other reason. Don’t expect them to go to prison.

One Twitter user who is wise to this fact and is very aware of how the government’s anti-corruption program works had this to say about the whole ordeal.