Yesterday TelOne broadband users who are on capped packages were hit by a steam roller. TelOne announced that they were suspending their data rollover facility with immediate effect. They cited system challenges and said something about quality.

It seems TelOne’s rivals ZOL were paying attention too. ZOL has had a rollover facility since 2019. Under the arrangement, if you buy say 50GB of data from ZOL in August 2021 and only use 20GB you can still use the remaining 30GB of data in September 2021 as long as you buy a bit of data in September to make sure you account is still active.

While TelOne has suspended it’s roll over arrangement only a few months after introducing it, ZOL’s facility remains active. ZOL wasted no time in making this fact known in a series of cheeky ads poking fun at TelOne.