Steward Bank Zimbabwe recently announced their partnership with two money remittance services-Thunes and Senditoo. This means that you or your loved ones can now collect money send to them via either of these two services at Steward Bank Branches. Steward already supports their own in-house remittance service Cassava as well as others.

This announcement brings the total number of remittance services that Steward Bank supports to six. These are:

  • World Remit
  • Sasai Remit (formerly two distinct services known as Cassava Remit UK and Ecocash Remit SA)
  • MamaMoney
  • Small World
  • Senditoo
  • Thunes

A lot of Zimbabweans rely heavily on remittances send by friends and families in the diaspora. According to the RBZ, we saw an astounding US649 million coming into Zimbabwe via remittances in the second quarter of this year. Last year the country received an estimated US$1 billion via remittances. It’s a therefore a no brainer that Steward would want a piece of this cake. Their CEO confirmed as much.

A considerable number of families in Zimbabwe depend on remittances to put food on the table and address other expenses. These new partnerships give further options for Zimbabweans abroad wishing to send money to their loved ones back home to do so conveniently and safely,

Steward’ Bank Zimbabwe’s CEO

Hey who are Thunes?

So we are generally familiar with Senditoo but Thunes seems to be a new player in Zimbabwe and this partnership with Steward Bank seems like their first foray into the country. From their website, they seem to be offering general payment services in addition to remittances.