How expensive is a Zimbabwean passport compared to the cost in neighbouring countries? Is it true that Zimbabwe has the cheapest passport fees among it’s neighbouring countries? How long does it take our neighbouring countries to process passport applications?

Well, we went out looking for answers and suffice to say some results were expected but others were not. For example in Botswana passport normal applications are take less than a week (3-5 days). That’s so quick they don’t even have information on how you can get an emergency passport. Oh, and in case you are wondering, the application fee for that normal passport is US $23.

Not only do Zimbabweans have to wait indefinitely to receive their passports, but Zimbabwe also has the highest passport fees compared to its neighbours. It costs US $318 fees to get a 24-hour emergency passport if you apply abroad. That would be enough to cover three 24 hour Mozambican emergency passports and leave you enough change to get a Lion Slicer.

In Zambia, Namibia and South Africa applicants can also opt to get a passport with 10 more pages than the ordinary passport. This is especially useful if you are a frequent traveller. Here you get a passport.

CountryPassport TypeProcessing TimeCost LocalCost USD
South AfricaTourist Passport7-21 DaysR400$26.80
South AfricaMaxi Tourist Passport10 DaysR600$40.20
South AfricaTTD1 WeekR140$9.38
South AfricaLost PassportnaR800$53.60
South AfricaLost Maxi Passport10 DaysR1200$80.40
Zambia32 Page Passport60 Daysna$100.00
Zambia48 Page Passport60-90 Daysna$100.00
ZambiaLost Passport 32 Pages60-90 Daysna$100.00
ZambiaLost Passport 48 Pages60-90 Daysna$125.00
ZambiaTDI3 DaysAUD30$20.10
ZambiaEmergency Passport10 Days€ 165$178.20
BotswanaNormal Passport5 DaysP260$23.66
BotswanaLost Passport5 DaysP1260$114.66
NamibiaPassport3-5 DaysN$160$10.72
NamibiaLost Passport3-5 DaysN$320$21.44
NambiaMaxi Passport3-5 DaysN$360$24.12
MozambiqueNormal Passport15 Days2400MT$36.00
MozambiqueEmergency Passport7 Days2775MT$41.63
MozambiqueEmergency Passport24 Hours7200MT$108.00
ZimbabweNormal PassportForever150ZWL$5.36
ZimbabweUrgentMany Moons600ZWL$21.43
ZimbabweUrgent Abroad24 Hours$318$318.00