Despite what the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor said yesterday about the Zimbabwean dollar working a lot of fast-food chains including Chicken Inn and Chicken Slice now have the permission to charge in USD because “they are tourist facilities.”

They are still required, however, to charge prices in RTGS dollars (aka ZWL) or Zimbabwean dollars. Zimbabwean dollar prices are constantly changing and below are the current ZWL $ prices at Chicken Slice.

ItemPrice in ZWL
1 Slicer48.00
2 Slicer60.00
3 Slicer84.00
Lion Slicer112.00
Chicken Burger48.00

You can see the state of the Economy in the price of fast food too

The last time we looked at Chicken Slice was back in October 2019 and these were the prices:

Menu ItemPrice ZWL $
1 Slicer21.50
2 Slicer30.00
3 Slicer42.00
Lion Slicer60.00
5 Slicer58.00
9 Slicer80.00
Small Chips7.50
Regular Fries9.00
Medium Fries13.00
Mega Fries18.00
Beef Burger15.00
Chicken Burger21.50
Hot Dog9
  • This means that the prices have more than doubled for the One Slicer
  • For the other items, the price increase has been roughly 100%
  • We have observed runaway food inflation this month that is likely to see the price of Chicken Slice products go up even further.