If you are one of those people who loves fast food, unhealthy as it is, then you know Chicken Slice is up there as one of Zimbabwe’s favourite fast food joints. Well, as the economy continues to on its road to hell, Chicken Slice’s prices are also now up there with the stars.

Their prices have gone up by more than 50% compared to the prices they were charging during the same week last month. We can hardly fault them for increasing their prices though. The price of fuel is adjusted every week and so are the prices of everything really including mobile data.

Chicken slice prices October 2019

Menu ItemPrice ZWL $
1 Slicer21.50
2 Slicer30.00
3 Slicer42.00
Lion Slicer60.00
5 Slicer58.00
9 Slicer80.00
Small Chips7.50
Regular Fries9.00
Medium Fries13.00
Mega Fries18.00
Beef Burger15.00
Chicken Burger21.50
Hot Dog9


  • Shawarma is still missing from that menu, that is very sad
  • Whatever you do, don’t order than beef burger, you will live to regret it