The National University of Science and Technology has decided to jump onto the gravy train by introducing a nurse aid course that is going for US$200 for the entire course. Recently a lot of Zimbabweans have doing nurse aide courses and leaving for the United Kingdom and other developed countries where healthcare workers are in short supply. Recently data from the United Kingdom’s Home Office shows that over 5 000 Zimbabweans left for the UK last year under the skills Visa program. A massive jump from previous periods.

What the course entails:

  1. Will be well equipped with knowledge, skills and competencies to feed, bath and groom patients thereby contributing enormously to their sense of normalcy
  2. Provide more health-oriented duties such as measuring and recording vital signs and first aid care
  3. Provide administrative roles of record keeping that accompany patient care
  4. Contribute to the success of the health team locally and internationally

As already said you will be required to pay a fee of $US200 which covers the entire duration of the course. There is also good news for those who want to join the course. You only need a minimum of 3 O-Levels unlike the stringent 5 O-level requirements for the Nursing course. The course lasts for 12 weeks:

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  • You will do theory lessons for 4 weeks i.e. one month then be placed for a clinical placement for the remainder of 8 weeks i.e two months
  • Lessons are conducted from Monday to Friday at the NUST CCE Town Campus which located at 55 Jason Moyo and 4th Avenue in Bulawayo
  • Those who complete the theory will be placed with Mpilo and UBH hospitals for their practical training

Uniform requirements

This is nursing so you will be required to wear a uniform which you will have to buy yourself. The uniform requirements are as follows:

  • For males– you will be required to wear white safari slacks with long trousers, black shoes, white men’s socks, navy blue sleeveless or long-sleeved jersey with buttons and a nurse’s watch with a second hand.
  • For males-the uniform is a princess-style white uniform with black low-heeled shoes, brown stockings, navy blue sleeveless or long-sleeved jersey with buttons and a nurse’s watch with a second hand.

The course will cover the following modules

  1. Basic Concepts in Health Care
  2. First Aid
  3. Home Nursing
  4. Maternal and Child Health
  5. Clinical Placements

How to sign up?

You can visit the NUST CCE Town Campus on 3rth Floor at 55 Jason Moyo and 4th Avenu in Bulawayo and apply there or get in touch with NUST CCE on +263 292 887 548 or +263 292 887 448. You can also email [email protected]