A moment ago we opined that either there was a crazy person running around NetOne setting crazy bundle prices or they have made some sort of mistake. It’s not clear which is it but one thing is clear-NetOne has reversed it’s decisions just as we surmised they would. All is well in the world again i guess and it’s anyone’s guess why NetOne did what they did this

3s morning when they announced prices so ridiculous it would have been cheaper to fly to South Africa just for the WiFi alone.

To be clear if you try to buy OneFi data bundles right now you will pay the old prices that start at $6 500 ZWL for the 10GB bundle and not the $16 250ZWL that was showing this morning. Here at Zimpricecheck we never bothered to change the tariffs in the first place because we figured there was no way this was going to last. You can see current NetOne tariffs here.