Last night it was Ecocash which was down. Tonight it will be FBC MasterCard and Visa platforms which will also be down for scheduled maintenance according to information sent by FBC to its customers. The maintenance will take place from 10:30 PM tonight (11 September 2022) until 11:00 PM (11 September 2022) tonight. It is important to note that it will not just be FBC-issued MasterCards and Visa cards that will not be working but their entire Visa and MasterCard platforms. We will explain what this means below but first here is the entire message from FBC on the issue:

Due to a scheduled system maintenance FBC MasterCard transactions and the MasterCard/Visa enabled POS platform will be unavailable from 10:30PM to 11PM on 11-9-22

The message from FBC

Here is what it means:

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  • You cannot transact using your FBC MasterCard during this period. This means you cannot pay or withdraw money from ATMs using the card. You cannot also use the card to make payments at other POS counters even if they support MasterCards.
  • Visa/MasterCard Point of Sale (POS) machines will be down during this period. You can still do ZIMSWITCH transactions involving ZWL but you will not be able to swipe/insert Visa and MasterCards from either FBC or other banks.
  • You will not be able to withdraw money from FBC USD MasterCard ATMs during this 30 minutes

This will be late at night and so it is not going to affect a lot of people. However, because the FBC MasterCard is also used by Zimbabweans abroad there is a chance that those living in a different timezone might be affected. It is therefore important that you take heed and plan accordingly.