If you tried to use Ecocash yesterday and couldn’t you are not alone. The service was mostly down for maintenance last night from 9 PM to 6 AM (Sunday 11 September 2022). The maintenance exercise was scheduled and announced in advance but it is possible that you missed the announcement as we did. During the scheduled maintenance period you could not send money, pay merchants such as when checking out as well as use ZIPIT. The timing of the exercise was probably chosen to minimise the number of people that would have been impacted.

Please note that we will be performing a scheduled system maintenance from Saturday the 10th of September 2022 from 21:00hrs to Sunday the 11th of September 2022 at 06:00hrs.

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The following EcoCash services will be intermittent during this time; Send Money, Merchant Payments, Banking Services, ZESA, ZIPIT & Airtime.

We apologise for any inconv

The message from Ecocash on the maintenance exercise

As already said the bulk of people were likely not using the platform this late or early in the day. There are however sectors that would have been impacted such as people who use Ecocash to pay their tollgate fees while travelling. Haulage and delivery trucks often travel at night when making deliveries. It seems ZINARA was well aware of this fact and the possible disruption that could result from maintenance so they issued a public notice of their own urging motorists to find alternative methods of payment. Now that the exercise is over it seems Ecocash is up and running again.