By Zimbabwean standards, it has been ages since the price of mealie-meal was reviewed upwards. The price has hovered around the $20.00 ZWL mark for a while now. In a country where the price of fuel went up thrice in 10 days that is considered a stable price.

However as already noted in our earlier article the staple maize meal seems to be running low on the shelves of most supermarkets. Most supermarkets were selling Red Seal (the cheapest brand of roller meal) for around $23-$24 ZWL.

Most of what remains on those shelves are 5kg mealie-meal packages priced at around $18 which essentially means that you would be spending $36.00 per 10kg.

In fact, expect to pay higher prices

With shelves now dominated by unfamiliar brands expect to pay prices north of $32 when even the familiar brands come back. If they come back at all- there is a serious drought out there.

Alternative brands were like Super Power had prices as high as $32 per 10kg up from around $23 ZWL. If you run out now you might not have a choice except to buy these.