ItemOKChoppiesFoodWorldPICK N PAY
Salt 1kg3.653.453.203.79
Cooking Oil 2lt24.9925.6924.2527.49
Mealie-meal 10kg24.2524.9918.2023.99
Rice 2kg14.9916.3517.9516.99
Green bar10.6911.4911.8012.99
Washing powder27.9926.9530.2530.99
Self raising flour 2kg20.6520.9921.9921.99
Mazoe 2lt15.9918.4921.0019.99
Petrolium Jelly 300ml28.2927.4524.2523.99
Macaroni 3kg34.9935.3541.4035.99
Bath soap6.496.656.605.79
Milk 1L7.998.998.057.99
Margarine 500g11.9912.459.9912.29

Things to note

  • These prices were obtained from our latest survey of the most popular Harare CBD supermarkets-prices on the outskirts and in other towns might differ slightly but these prices are a useful guide of what to expect
  • We only considered the cheapest item from most popular/reputable brands:
    • Bath soap is the price for Jade which is cheaper than Geisha which sells for around $9.50. We didn’t consider Sona for example which is usually cheaper but may not be acceptable to other people
    • For mealie-meal, we considered roller meal. Red Seal was the cheapest in most shops.
    • For tissues, we considered a pack of 4 1 ply white tissues. We made sure they were white in each case and not the ones that crumble in your hand.
    • Rice we considered white rice: Mega was the cheapest in all the cases. We have tasted the stuff it is a good brand.
    • For green bar soap, we considered the cheapest soap bars even if they were not green. Brilliant bars are especially cheap
    • For Mazoe we went strictly with Mazoe although generally other brands were either cheaper or more expensive depending on the shop
    • Macaroni is Mega Macaroni because it was the only one available in all the shops!
    • Washing powder is Sunglight which was consistently cheaper in all the shops
    • Toothpaste was Colgate 100ml
    • Salt was iodised table salt
    • Petroleum Jelly it was Elegance
    • With self-raising flour it was Gloria and others. Flour is in such short supply you should be grateful when you get it.