Econet has send out an SMS to it subscribers informing them of an impending SMS and Data bundle price hike. It’s not clear whether their increasingly popular Private Data Bundle will be affected by the latest price hikes. Currently the lowest priced of those bundles is going for $400 ZWL in return for 25GB of data.

Dear Customer. Please note bundle prices for Data and SMS will be reviewed effective 5 May 2020. Dial *143# to buy Data or *140# to buy SMS Bundles.

Econet’s message to customers

If you are wondering why we are saying the bundles will get a price hike even though the message only says the bundles will be reviewed,wonder no more, experience has shown that “reviewed” is just an euphemism for we will hike something.

The $10 USD rule

The lowest bundle of 25GB has always sold for the equivalent of $10USD. The past few weeks the rate has gravitated towards $1 USD: $50ZWL and there is every reason to believe that Econet will want to maintain parity. So expect the price of the bundle to land at somewhere near this mark. One the other hand given it’s rising popularity they might choose to leave the price where it is.

You can expect the WhatsApp bundle prices to change however. Monthly bundles used to go for $3 USD/month so don’t be surprised if they breach the $100 ZWL mark after the hike.


Econet effected a price increase on 5 May 2020 that saw the price of their Private WiFi bundle go up by more than 225%.

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