Econet will be reviewing the price of their voice bundles this coming Wednesday. This is according to an SMS they recently sent out to their customers. It is not clear what they mean exactly by this but according to our experience a review has always meant that they were going to increase the prices of the affected bundles.

Dear Valued Customer, Please take note.; Bundle of Joy, Voice bundles prices will be reviewed effective 25 Nov 2020. Visit

The message sent to customers

Not many will care

Bundle of Joy voice bundles have never been popular and a lot of people do not even know they exist. These bundles allow Econet customers to buy voice minutes which are in bundle form much like what we do with data bundles. The bundles are slightly cheaper than calling using normal airtime but they come with a catch. They will expire after the validity period lapses whether you use them or not.

More and more people prefer using data instead with the number of calls people make continuing to drop. Those who call tend to use services like WhatsApp and Telegram instead of actual traditional calls. Not many will be moved therefore by whatever changes Econet is going to make.