It’s the end of the month again and most people will be doing their shopping now. That is to the extent our very limited salaries and earnings will allow us. Prices have been going up every other day as compared to August when prices would go up every other week.

The month of September was characterised by a massive fall in the value of the Zimbabwean dollar. While it took the local dollar 7 months to lose 85% of its value since its introduction, by comparison by the last third Friday it had lost about 60% of its value since the beginning of September and was trading at close to $25 ZWL per each USD.

Naturally, this plus the constantly increasing fuel prices, has had an impact on the prices that supermarkets are charging.

The Prices Supermarkets are charging for groceries right now

ItemOKPick N PayChoppiesFoodWorld
All Purpose Cleaner 750ml13.4911.2513.7513.35
Bath soap Geisha 225g8.999.999.499.50
Bath soap imagenananana
Bath soap Jade 250g8.99na12.95na
Beans Dried 500g13.9916.999.7917.90
Bleach/Jik 500ml15.4916.7924.4515.30
Bread Baker's Inn9.459.459.309.30
Bread Lobels9.459.459.309.30
Bread Proton9.459.40na9.30
Bread Shopna8.808.95na
Candles 6pack 300g19.6917.9911.7516.65
Cereal (Cerevita) 500g44.5022.9928.9921.95
Cooking Oil 2lnanana43.80
Creamer 1kg49.9948.99na47.99
Dish Washer 750ml14.8517.9915.2514.65
Diapers 50137.18249.00165.00125.00
Drink Bally House21.9921.9924.9925.95
Drink Cheapest20.9917.9919.8021.90
Drink Mazoe Original 2l33.0033.9927.4932.30
Drink Mazoe less sugar21.0023.9921.4921.00
Eggs 3051.9943.99na40.60
Eggs 6na10.50na10.35
Flour 2kg40.9928.9927.9526.50
Green bar10.6913.999.7917.10
Jam 375ml18.607.999.4910.60
Kapenta 1KG66.9978.99na75.00
Kapenta 500g41.9938.9944.7037.50
Lotion/Cream Camphor 300ml29.3927.9926.9934.55
Macaroni 3kg63.99nana58.70
Margarine 500g14.9913.99016.4014.49
Matches pack of 10 boxes5.705.993.855.15
Mayonnaise 750g29.9919.9926.9537.00
Mealie-meal 10kg48.5048.9950.6048.70
Mealie-meal Refined 10kg59.8959.99na52.80
Milk 1l13.9912.9910.9911.40
Peanut butter 375ml13.3013.9917.4517.25
Petroleum Jelly 300ml22.2925.9920.7557.40
Rice white34.5054.9934.9935.45
Salt 1kg5.995.996.255.99
Sanitary Pads 10s/8s9.9911.9914.759.50
Scouring powder 500g1.852.992.508.65
Shoe polish 50ml16.0017.49na10.30
Shoe polish 100ml19.1026.99na24.95
Soup Usavi Mix 50g2.852.892.853.25
Stasoft Refill (500ml)35.2932.99nana
Sugar 2kg30.5028.9930.4030.40
Surface Cleaner 500ml21.5011.2513.9913.35
Tea 100 tea bags23.9919.8922.4524.25
Thai Rice 2kg37.59na34.9936.00
Tinned beans 410g10.997.198.4911.00
Tinned fish 155g8.605.996.299.20
Tissues (Pack of 4)15.3914.9917.3516.40
Toilet Cleaner 500ml18.3519.1918.2024.80
Toothpaste 100ml7.996.897.998.15
Washing Powder 1kg28.4926.9925.4526.50
Washing Powder 2kg56.9853.99na55.05

Things to note

  • As we have already pointed out, Supermarkets don’t seem to have 2l bottles of cooking oil at the moment except for FoodWorld
  • There was a massive jump in the price of rice
  • Royco and toothpaste are among the few products whose prices has not changed in weeks. In fact, at around $2.90, the price of Royco hasn’t changed in months
  • Surf, Briliant and MAQ remain the cheapest washing powders, this is despite the fact that the last is imported. It shows there are issues when it comes to the way local industry continues to be uncompetitive and weighed down by overheads
  • The price of peanut butter seems to have almost doubled in a week
  • Mealie-meal supplies seem to have improved somewhat although the popular Red Seal brand remains missing from most shops. Continental Roller Meal and Continental Super Refined were the most dominant brands
  • Ngwerewere by Blue Ribbon remains the cheapest Super Refined mealie-meal
  • There seems to be a shortage of brown shoe polish!
  • We included diapers here but you are better off buying these from wholesalers as the price difference, in this case, can be significant
  • There was a massive jump in the price of Mazoe from around $20 to more than $30
  • This was matched by the increase in the price of sugar