Just like with everything else it seems all shops have increased the price of sugar from around $24 which was the prevailing price last week to an average of $30. It is not clear whether this increase was approved/instigated by Tongaat Huletts or its just shops trying to stay ahead of the inflation and overhead curve.

The last time Tongaat officially increased the price of sugar was just under two weeks ago on the 16 of September when they announced the following prices:

  • Brown Sugar 1kg –   $11.95
  • Brown Sugar 2kg –   $23.90
  • Brown Sugar 5kg –   $59.75
  • Brown Sugar 10kg – $119.50
  • White Sugar 1kg –    $12.58
  • White Sugar 2kg –    $25.16
  • White Sugar 5kg –    $62.90
  • White Sugar 10kg –  $125.80

For the past week, shops were adhering to these prices. In fact, OK supermarket was selling sugar at the old August prices, probably because they were still selling old stock and as we move into summer sugar sales are likely to go down.

This week’s sugar prices:

  • OK supermarket $30.50
  • TM/ Pick N Pay $28.99
  • FoodWorld $30.40
  • Choppies $30.40
  • Mahommed Mussa $30.00

Oddly the cheapest shop we could find was Zuva Petroleum Matlock branch which was selling each 2kg of brown sugar for $26.00.

Naturally, Downtown retailers are selling it for strictly cash only as is their modus operandi with them asking for up to $24 bond. Given the opportunity cost of obtaining cash in Zimbabwe, that translates to about $36.00 making them the most expensive.