To a lot of people, Mbare is just a land of thieves. The land where buses from various parts of the country end, a poor ghetto slum. It is a lot more than that and we intend to show you the deals and bargains this place is hiding.

There is more to Mbare beyond the negative stereotypes

If you live in Harare or most other parts of Zimbabwe a lot of vegetables and fruit you see comes from or ends up at Mbare Musika.

So you if you have questions like:

  • How much do fruit and vegetables cost at Mbare Musika right now?
  • Whether it’s cheaper to buy from a supermarket or go to Mbare and buy straight from the farmers?
  • What kind of fruits and vegetables are available for sale right now?
  • Will I get cholera if I eat fruit and vegetables from Mbare Musika?
  • How much are pawpaws at Mbare Musika?
  • Which spices are available at Mbare?
  • How much are ginger and garlic at Mbare right now?
  • What the heck is a kaylite as a measure of weight/volume?

Among other questions, you might have. Well, we have got you covered. From now on we will be giving you weekly updates (at least that’s the goal) of prices at Mbare Musika for various items.

We are also going to be creating easy guides that you can follow to get the best prices. Suffice to say buying from Mbare Musika is a lot different than buying from a supermarket.

For example, paying the first price you are told is only a thing suckers do! Negotiating especially if you are buying significant quantities is expected.

And you know all those happy guides that claim they will happily show you all the places where you can get the best bargains? Well, more often than not they are going to the places where you can get the worst bargains!

Stay tuned as we update and unravel the mystery that is Mbare Musika.