This week we were floored by the prices of beef we saw in supermarkets. If you are just like many of us you will find perfect refuge in fruit and vegetables.

In comparison to beef, vegetables are still affordable. With fruits, it was a mixed bag. Lemons were going for $39.99 in Pick N Pay which begs the question, what do you do if life won’t give you even lemons? Cabbages still remain very affordable though with a full head still being sold for less than $5.

ItemOKFood WorldChoppiesPick N Pay
Apple's kg22.9920.9941.99
Baby Marrows11.15
Bananas kg7.465.697.99
Beans Green ptn/300g7.764.999
Beans Green kg29.9919.99
Beetroot PNT Kaylite13.99
Broccoli kg12.6024.99
Broccoli pnt5.2510.99
Butternut kg7.7014.67
Cabbage 1/23.402.00
Cabbage 1/41.40
Cabbage head4.293.99
Cabbage Chinese head
Carrots KG9.00
Carrots Kaylite14.707.99
Cauliflower pint/Kaylite/300g
Cauliflower kg
Celery bunch12.60
Coleslaw PNt
Covo bundle1.90
Cucumbers PNT8.63
Cucumbers kg
Dates kg
English cucumber each10.584.99
Eggplant pnt10.15
Gemsquash kg
Grapes Kaylite/kg58.2135.50
Leeks Pnt11.99
Lemons kg13.9539.99
Lettuce head
Manhuchu 100G
Mhunga meal kg
MuMhare 100G15.40
Mushroom button pnt
Naartjies kg25.20
Okra Kaylite
Onion Kaylite
Onion Kg20.0919.889.4916.99
Onions Red kg13.7412.5029.99
Mushroom Oyster Kaylite
Peas pnt
Pepper Green Pnt9.107.3713.99
Pepper Yellow pnt22.17
Pepper Yellow kg
Pepper Red Pnt22.17
Pepper Red Kg32.20
Pineapple each20.03
Plain nuts 100G
Potatoes kg8.156.726.99
Potatoes Pocket100.7967.5099.99
Pumpkins kg
Raisins Dried kg
Rape bundle1.99
Squash kg
Strawberries pnt20.3024.69
Sugar snap pnt4.995.99
Spinach bunch3.15
Turnips pnt
Tomatoes Cherry PNT
Tomatoes kg9.8013.588.99
Veggies bumdle
Watermelon kg14.0011.47
Zviyo meal 100g