Each evening the Ministry of Health publishes a summary of Zimbabwe’s COVID-19 cases. The graph below shows summarised COVID-19 statistics for Zimbabwe for the month of May 2021. We only show new cases and deaths per day.

The number of COVID-19 cases and deaths in Zimbabwe for the month of May 2021

The table below shows the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths in Zimbabwe for the month of April 2021

Zimbabwe COVID-19 Cases in May 2021

wdt_ID Date Cases Deaths
1 01/05/2021 3 1
2 02/05/2021 21 2
3 03/05/2021 12 3
4 04/05/2021 34 1
5 05/05/2021 30 0
6 06/05/2021 41 1
7 07/05/2021 5 1
8 08/05/2021 11 0
9 09/05/2021 5 0
10 10/05/2021 14 0
11 11/05/2021 15 3
Date Cases Deaths

Is there a COVID-19 third wave in Zimbabwe?

This does not appear to be the case so far. The spike in cases is still isolated to certain schools and therefore cannot be characterised as a wave. The number of cases have remained low thus far and in most cases high numbers are due to clusters e.g. in certain boarding schools. The daily average is around 22 cases per day. Others however have pointed out that this is how the second wave started in Zimbabwe. The government was forced to introduce a hard lock-down in January to combat the second wave. The restrictions have now been eased and some fear that with people adopting lax attitudes a third wave is inevitable.

How many people have died so far in Zimbabwe due to COVID-19?

So far as of last count 1 579 people have died as a result of coronavirus in Zimbabwe as of 12 May 2021.

How many coronavirus cases have been recorded in Zimbabwe so far?

To date, as of 12 May 2021 Zimbabwe has recorded a cumulative total of 38 448 cases. The country has 648 active cases. The country has a recovery rate of about 94.2%

How many people have been vaccinated for COVID-19 in Zimbabwe?

According to the Ministry of Health, 539 526 people have received the first dose and 170 246 people have received the second dose. Sinovac and Sinopharm are the vaccines being administered.

Who can be vaccinated for coronavirus in Zimbabwe?

Any adult can be vaccinated for free. The vaccination program is open to members of the public. Health workers and most teachers have already been vaccinated.

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