Yesterday the President of Zimbabwe said that he was extending the current lockdown for another two weeks. This means that the lockdown is going to have lasted for 7 weeks after the latest extension. He also however, left a lot of people confused when he said that the current lockdown had been downgraded to Level 2.

Based on what he said we knew that level 2 meant the following:

  • Everyone to wear a mask when outside (Ed’s notes-given the number of masks in current supply some people might have to improvise and wear doeks on their faces)
  • Industry to open and testing at all work sites
  • Work to start from 8am and to last until 3 pm latest
  • All informal sector till remain closed
  • Only ZUPCO busses to be on roads kombis remain banned
  • All industry to open after passing compliance tests which will be done randomly
  • Churches, bars, beerhalls to remain closed
  • Gathering of less than 50 people to be maintained
  • We must remain cautious for as long as the threat remains

A lot of people were however still confused. This downgrading was from what level? Some said level one others said level 5 based on South Africa’s levels. As it turns out however all the suggested answers were wrong. According to Nick Mangwana we started at level 4. Here is what he had to say:

Our lockdown started on level 4 which was a total lockdown

2 weeks ago HE President Emmerson Mnangagwa downgraded it to level 3 where mines etc were allowed to operate.

On Monday we are moving to Level 2 where some industry and commerce is operations (sic).

Intercity Commuting is still not permitted for the protection of those provinces and areas which are still #Covid19Zim free.

Nick Mangawana on Twitter

To be honest these levels should have been five. With two levels slotted in for full domestic activity and one for full international activity (normalcy) instead of lumping them up together as level 1. Level 2 would for example see informal traders and other small businesses allowed out while cross-border activities might be restricted. In other words South Africa’s levels are more suitable in our opinion.