There was a indeed a time when internet banking was a marvel. Something that only a few customers did. Now it is pretty much mainstream. The days when one would have to walk into a banking hall just so they could get their own bank statement are long gone. These days you can even open a bank account from the comfort of your own home. Again, it’s not a marvel it’s a necessity in this COVID-19 infested world we live in.

Fortunately for ZB bankers, you don’t even need to visit the bank if you want to register for online banking. You can do that from the comfort of your own home too.

How to register for internet banking if you have a ZB Bank Account?

  • Visit the ZB Internet Banking Portal:
  • Click (or tap if you are on a mobile device or tablet) on Register and click Next
  • Enter your ZB ATM card number in its entirety in the provided box
  • Now Enter the PIN of your ZB ATM card and Click next
  • Read and Accept terms and conditions ( who are we kidding just check Agree ) and click next
  • Enter you email address then click finish
  • Check your email for login details
  • Login using the details provided in the email
  • As soon as you login change the password

That’s it. Now you are registered for online banking. Welcome to the civilised world.