A lot of sellers on Facebook and WhatsApp are still peddling the P37 Pro from last year. Do not get me wrong, the P37 Pro is a decent phone for the Zimbabwean market. It’s just that these sellers insist on charging prices north of the US$100 mark. What’s worse is that the phones they sell come with zero warranty. It’s all good until the phone develops a problem soon after you buy it. It doesn’t have to be this way. There is a better way and today I am sharing that with you.

You see each year in May iTel releases a new pro phone. In 2020 it was the iTel P36 Pro, last year in May it was the iTel P37 Pro. This year they released the iTel P38 Pro. The phone comes in two versions a 64GB version and a 32GB version. Unlike other phone makers, iTel insists on putting only 2GB of RAM in both phones. That’s OK for light usage the kind that most people do but the phone struggles when under heavy use. It is an OK phone though and comes with an impressive battery and an entry-level processor that will get you through normal everyday use.

Here are the full specifications. The ones you care about.

  • 64GB or 32 GB storage. The 64GB version is the one going for US$115 here.
  • RAM2GB-enough for WhatsApp and playing videos but terrible for gaming, Tik Tok and Instagram
  • A battery that will last the whole day
  • Decent 13 MP camera and an acceptable selfie camera
  • Decent WiFi speeds( version N)
  • 720P screen
  • 4G data (you cannot make 4G calls in Zimbabwe even using an iPhone)

If you buy the iTel P38 Pro from Pindula Market you will get a free 12 months warranty. This means that if your phone develops issues that are not due to mishandling after you buy it, it will be repaired or replaced for free.