It would appear Colcom is running a promotion of sort with massive price reductions that have seen people flocking into their branches. The promotions we saw were on meat and pies.

Liver at bargain prices
  • Tracheas and beef melts were selling for $100 per 5kg down form more than $200 for the same. Not exactly yummy but hey it’s meat.
  • Ox liver was going for $100 per 5kg pack now that is a bargain by any measure. Prices in other shops will see you paying close to 5 times this amount
  • 50 colcom pies were going for $100 ZWL that translates to $2 per pie. Remember when we used to pay $0.50 per pie or even less than that? Well, those days are long gone thanks to inflation you will be lucky if you can get a pie for $5 RTGS.