A growing number of Zimbabwean banks have started zero rating their apps. This means that you can now access their internet banking sites and or banking apps for free. If you have data you will not be charged, the data the app uses will not count against your data. If you have no data/bundle you can connect and use the relevant bank’s app. You will still need a data connection in other words you still need to have mobile data turned on.

The following banks now have now zero-rated their banking apps:

  • Stanbic Bank Zimbabwe has the following services zero-rated:
    • Stanbic Bank Zimbabwe website,
    • Stanbic App,
    • Online Banking and the
    • SlydePay app
  • First Capital:
    • Both their app and their
    • Internet banking site
  • Nedbank:
    • Their mobile banking app and
    • Their internet banking site
  • Steward Bank:
    • Their banking site and
    • Their mobile banking app
  • FBC Bank:
    • Prepaid MasterCard app
    • Internet Banking
    • Mobile Moola App
    • Insurance website and services
  • BancABC:
    • Their A360 banking app
  • CBZ:
    • Their mobile touch app
  • NMB Bank:
    • Internet Banking
    • Their mobile banking app

By the way zero-rating is only on Econet. If you are using NetOne or Telecel your data will be used.

USSD sucks

I have zero love for USSD codes. You know those numbers you dial in order to use mobile banking on your phone. For starters, you always have to remember the specific code for your bank. *220# is easy to remember if you only have one bank account but this being Zimbabwe you probably have more than one bank account. Soon those codes start to pile up. Then there is the fact that the process to complete transactions using USSD is so complicated. Some bank accounts have so many numbers in them you have to rush against time in order to complete the transaction before it times out. Rushing means mistakes and if the money goes to the wrong person it means more pain.

Banking apps offer convenience. You don’t need to remember anything. You just have to open the right app, enter details at your leisure and send only after verification. You can even save banking details of recipients and make it easy to transfer money.