Things are tough and most of us have been in a situation where you run out of airtime when you most need it. With mobile network operators, including Econet, charging $0.48 per minute for calls its a situation you are most likely to find yourself in more often than not.

When that happens Econet allows you to borrow airtime. The official way they advertise is to use *179# and follow the USSD prompts to borrow airtime. Unfortunately, at the time we wrote this article, the prompt only allows you to borrow less than $1. That’s a meagre 2 minutes of calls.

How to borrow up to $10?

To borrow more than $1 and up to $10 you need to go through the following steps:

  1. Download and install the Yomix App if you don’t have it already. Unlike in the past, there are no age restrictions
  2. Launch the app and log in by selecting the Yomix verification Code to log in.
Click get code and use the code sent by SMS to login
  1. Once you have logged in tap on the bottom menu
Select Borrow Airtime on the services menu
  1. You will be presented with various amounts you can borrow from $1-$10

That’s it you are done.