House of Dragon has been an instant hit with many Game of Thrones fans in Zimbabwe. A lot of Zimbabweans are interested in watching the show and here is some good news. House of Dragon episodes one and two (from this past Sunday) are now already on the Zimbabwean version of ShowMax. Multichoice (the company behind DStv) is also broadcasting the show on Mnet (available to DStv Premium subscribers only) but this requires you to pay for premium and wake up early in the morning or miss the show unless of course if you record it using PVR.

The show being made available on ShowMax is a good thing for cash-strapped Zimbabweans. All you need to do is pay the US$8 subscription fee for ShowMax. Login and watch at your own pace. You can also watch as many times as you want. It is also important to note that if you are a DStv premium subscriber ShowMax is available to you for free-i.e at no extra cost. Multichoice will be making new episodes available each Monday after their being released on HBO Max. This means for example that episode 3 which is being broadcast on 4 September (this coming Sunday) will be available on 5 September.

How to watch House of Dragon on ShowMax

You need to follow these steps in order to watch House of Dragon on ShowMax:

  • Log into your ShowMax account. If you do not have an account you need to get one. There are different types of accounts including a cheaper mobile account. You can also opt for the most expensive ShowMax Pro account which goes for US$18 per month and comes with live sports (sans the UEFA Champions League ). The pro account does not come with a 14-day trial but the other accounts do have a free trial available.
  • Search for House of Dragon and start watching. Seriously that is all there is to it.

If for some reason you cannot find House of Dragon you can try to watch it by visiting this link.

The show is not available on South African ShowMax

The show is not available on South African ShowMax so you have to try other means if you are one of those Zimbabweans who are on South African ShowMax. The reason why House of Dragon is not on South African ShowMax but is available on Mnet is not really a mystery. HBO is eyeing the South African market and they will probably launch either this year or next year. They are probably keeping streaming rights to shows like House of Dragon to themselves in preparation for that launch. Before this, they would liberally dish out rights to Multichoice but it seems not this time around. That we are getting House of Dragon in Zimbabwe simply means there is zero chance we are getting HBO Max in Zimbabwe anytime soon.

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