Here is a word to the wise: if you don’t want to live with regrets never ever buy Yomix bundles and pay using EcoCash. There is a very high chance money will be deducted from your account and you will not get any bundle(s) credited to your account.

Attempting to recover that money will prove more difficult than you winning the lottery. I have had the displeasure of going through the process of trying to get EcoCash to reverse a failed transaction on more than one occasion as you probably also have. It’s not an experience you want to deliberately put yourself through.

How to buy Yomix bundles using EcoCash the right way

If you want to buy Yomix bundles using EcoCash here is the right way to do it:

  • First login into Yomix and attempt to create the bundle you want (they call it mixing a bundle)
  • Feign the checking process i.e. go through the motions of buying the bundle so that you can see exactly how much it is going to cost you. Do not tap on that pay using EcoCash button yet. Please don’t!
  • Now logout of the Yomix App
  • Using EcoCash buy the exact amount of airtime that is needed to pay for the bundle you want
  • Once you have the airtime, log into Yomix, mix the bundle again (unfortunately there is no way to save a bundle so you can quickly buy it again) and then pay for the bundle using airtime

Pro tip: Make sure you have disabled out of bundle browsing on your phone. You don’t want your apps to pounce on that airtime before you convert it to bundles.