These days it’s very rare to find people protecting their phones using a SIM lock. In the olden days, phones did not have a security code. Instead, there was a PIN code associated with your SIM card (line as it’s colloquially known). For legacy and security reasons each SIM card comes with a PIN code when you acquire it. You are supposed to enter this code when your phone starts before your phone recognises your SIM card.

You have three chances to enter the four-digit PIN code for your phone. If you fail to do that your SIM card is blocked. To unlock your SIM card you have to enter a code that is known as the PUK code. PUK stands for Personal Unlock Key. The PUK code is always written on the little card attached to your SIM when you buy or acquire it.

In the event that you lose this little card with your PUK you can always retrieve your Econet PUK code by following these steps:

  • Dial *111# and select PUK
  • Enter your mobile number i.e the number for which you want to retrieve the PUK
  • Enter the 8 digits at the back of your SIM card.
  • A message will pop up on your phone showing you the PUK

NB Write down this PUK as you will not be able to unlock your SIM card without it in the event that it is blocked. If you are unable to block your SIM card i.e. line card you can visit your nearest Econet shop to get it replaced. Generally, they require about US$1 as a replacement fee. Some shops also charge you to photocopy your ID.