Now that Christmas and New Year are over January disease is in full swing now. To pile pressure on already besieged parents school fees schedules for various institutions have been released are trending on social media. One tertiary institution that has joined the fray is Solusi University.

According to their latest fees schedule, students can expect to fork out fees as higher as more than $13 000. Curiously their schedule also has a section which shows USD fees for “international students”. Even more, curious is that they are using a rate of $16.00 ZWL per $1 USD.

This means if you are a parent it makes little sense to pay the University in USD. The fact still applies even if you are a law-abiding citizen who prefers to go to the bank or a Bureau De Change. Right now even the interbank rate is at $16.83 ZWL.

Solusi 2020 Fees Structure

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