Sometime towards the end of last month, TelOne threw their own hat into the LTE mobile data ring. They offer very cheap data packages that waaay cheaper than what the big three (Econet, Telecel and NetOne) are charging. Naturally, a lot of people want in.

We have seen a lot of messages online and on social media as people share the good news. However, this being technology a lot of people are confused.

Does the line work in my phone?

This is a question we hear a lot from people. Those a little informed know that the lines work in phones with LTE (4G). The nerds know that TelOne is using FDD LTE on Band 20.

This simple test can help you check whether your phone works with TelOne

That sounds complicated but there is a simple process that will allow you to quickly see if your phone works. It involves a manual mobile network search.. The exact steps differ from phone to phone but follow the steps below:

  • Press Settings
  • Press Networks (or Mobile Networks and SIM cards or something similar)
  • Press More.
  • Press Mobile networks
  • Press Network operators and your phone will search for network

Wait for the search to complete. After the search has been completed you should see a list of all the LTE networks that your phone can “see”. If you cannot see TelOne anywhere then your phone most certainly does not support TelOne. Stop bothering people.

If you see the TelOne network there is a very good chance your phone supports TelOne. Visit their shop to confirm with an actual SIM.