You have probably seen the fees schools and colleges are charging. Of the school fees schedules, we have seen for 2020 first term fees none of the schools is charging anything less than $10 000 or $10K.

You see it now don’t you! I predict that for at least the first half of the year we are going to see another increased usage of the after-fix K when it comes to referring prices.

Shops are already having a hard time finding real estate on price tags as it is. As prices continue to rise we are going to see more and more shops start to charge prices to the nearest hundred at the very least. A lot of supermarkets have already started charging prices to the nearest dollar and some to the nearest $10 for higher value items.

To be clear this is going to affect higher value items such as rentals, if you are lucky to find an idiot (er er generous we mean) landlord who will take your RTGS. Right now car and property sellers are selling in foreign currency only anyway.

Also as already hinted this trend will be observed in big chain supermarkets like OK, Pick N Pay, Food World and Choppies. These do not have the luxury and occasion to demand foreign currency as they operate under the watchful gaze of the government. The rest of the shops will simply demand foreign currency as they already do.

Further indications to show this K-something prediction will come true can be seen in the fact that even the government has promised to print higher denominations of bond notes.

Wouldn’t it be just easier to say the rate is at $3.5K today instead of $3 500?