Last week the Ministry of Information send out an announcement on their social media handle advising the public that ZUPCO bus fares are going up by 100 %. This means whatever you have been paying, you are now paying double starting today.

Not a lot of people will mind this. ZUPCO will still be the cheapest form of transport and expect people to still line up waiting for their turn onto the cheap ZUPCO buses. Kombis haven’t charged a dollar in a very long time even for the 4th to Downtime trips which are the cheapest.

The new ZUPCO fares starting 30 September

Old Price ZWL$New Fare ZWL$

Rural fares remain unchanged

According to the Ministry of Information rural fares remain unchanged. It is not clear whether these rural fares have been recently adjusted or not. If they haven’t been recently adjusted delaying an adjustment will only induce shock later on as the government might be forced to make drastic adjustment as they did with fuel in January causing chaos.