We all knew it was going to happen when the Zimbabwe Regulatory Authority Introduced their new fuel prices over the week. With diesel now going for $15.64 up from $12.42, an increase of $3.22, kombi operators were bound to increase their fares, now they have.

On Monday morning commuters had to pay an eye-popping $9 bond for a trip to Harare CBD. Some were even calling for $10 with desperate commuters hopping in. Most people, however, waited patiently in long snaking lines for ZUPCO buses which now charge $1 for the same trip. This means commuters are now charging 1000% of what ZUPCO is charging.

Commuters coming from Glen Norah had to pay fares of between $5-$6 depending with the kombi. Local trips from Mbare now cost around $4-$4.50 while UZ students had to part with $5 if they were not in the mood to wait for the ZUPCO buses.

Trips from 4th to Coppercabana and vice versa now cost $3.50. This is the same price for a trip from Avondale although if you are going to Avondale you will have to part with $4.

Impoverished commuters wait for ZUPCO

As prices of everything continue to go up it means more people are finding patience for ZUPCO buses. A number of commuters we chatted with cited another issue with Kombis that’s driving them to ZUPCO buses-cash. ZUPCO has tap cards that commuters can load with RTGS.

This means that no cash is required to pay for the trip. This makes the trip even cheaper than paying using cash. Most bus stops had people waiting for the ZUPCO buses as they waved commuters away whenever the touts tried to cajole and seduce them to board.