Ride-hailing has grown in popularity ever since companies like Hwindi and Vaya made introduced their services to Zimbabwe. Now before you hail that late night taxi and risk your life here are the prices Hwindi are currency charging this month.

Hwindi fare prices for an estimated distance of 20 Km

Vehicle TypeMin. FareBase FarePrice /kmPrice /minBill Estimate /kmFinal Bill Estimate
CAB Standard TAXI20.003.005.350.205.79ZWD 144.65
PREMIER Executive TAXI40.0010.0010.200.5011.39ZWD 284.75
VAN 6 - Seater TAXI30.006.007.800.358.59ZWD 214.83
D.CAB Standard Taxi Delivery20.003.005.600.105.88ZWD 146.95
DD Designated Driver30.005.007.500.208.02ZWD 200.40
  • The minimum fare is the least amount you pay for a journey when you hail a given type of car
  • The cheapest fare is around $5.79 per KM
  • They accept Ecocash, most taxis insist on cash or multiply by a factor (rate) your fare if you want to use Ecocash

How to order a Hwindi ride

You can either use their app which is in the Google Playstore but that requires data. If you don’t have data you can chat with their assistant, dubbed Omar, on WhatsApp. Just click this message and follow instructions.