In news that is likely going to be greeted with groans, ZESA has announced the immediate return of load-shedding that will see most of Zimbabwe’s suburbs spend as much as 8 hours per day without power. What’s worse is that this will be on an almost daily basis without respite or breaks. The company blamed this new change on “depressed generation”.

The ZETDC (Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company) is experiencing a power shortfall due to generation constraints at Hwange Power Station, limited imports and a programme of dam wall rehabilitation at Kariba, which requires that two generators be taken out for 12 hours. The planned outrage of the two units then restricts Kariba Power Station output during these hours.

ZESA’s statement on t he issue

Most households will experience power cuts during the morning and evening peak hours. The company has always had a power generation shortfall. A problem it has failed to fix in decades due to corruption, scandals and incompetence. They, for example, tried to build solar power stations but to date, none of the planned stations has materialised. Their diesel power plants are also too expensive to run.

The only hope for most households is to rely on solar power. This has seen a lot of solar startups being set up in the country and making a killing. A good solar system for a house goes for about US$1 000 for lights, WiFi, TV and entertainment.