The Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe promotes road safety in Zimbabwe. They educate, train and do public safety promotions. They are mostly popular for their defensive training course. Below are the fees they are currently charging.

ServiceCurrent Fee in ZWL
Defensive Driver’s Instructor course$24 000
Defensive Driving Course$3 040
Defensive Driving Course (client’s premises)$3 600
Defensive Driving Test (including vision test, road test and psycho-motor skills)$ 3 840
Driving School Registration $20 000
Renewal of Driving School$10 000
Registration of a cooperating Agency$24 000
Renewal of a cooperating Agency$20 000
Certification of candidates trained by cooperating agency$400
Highway Code (including inserts)$200
Reissuing of lost certificates and inspection documents$400
Student handbook$800
Student Driver Workboo$400
Driving School Premises Logo$3 00
Heavy Vehicle Skills improvement program$12 000
Driving School Instructor Course$17 600
Transport Management Course$16 000
Duplicate Driving School Instructor Certificate$1 600
Driving School Instructor’s Certificate$1 600