Zimnat offers several insurance packages:

  • Gadziriro also known as Lungiselelo
  • FSG Funeral Plans
  • Asset Insurance

Gadziriro Lungiselelo

This is a USD based plan which pays a USD lump sum

Sum Assured USD$Principal Member Fee USD$Immediate Family Member Premium Per Policy USD$Extended Family Premium Per Life USD$
1 0003.604.990.99
2 0004.206.251.75
3 0005.007.75
4 0005.509.25
5 0006.2011.00
  • The plan has a waiting period of three months but there is no waiting period for accidental deaths
  • Plan covers family members from 18-65 years
  • Extended family coverage is for up to 75 years
  • Immediate family member premium covers wife/husband, principle policy holder and up to four children. This means that if you are married with four children and opt for the US$500 plan you pay a total of $7.30 i.e. $3.30 plus $4.00
  • Children above 23 years old have to be covered under extended family

FSG Funeral Plan Rates

Family of 6Monthly Premium ZW$Comes with Escort Vehicle
Executive Plus1 048.50Yes
Additional Per PersonPackagePremium in ZWL$
Adult (Immediate)Standard (No Escort Vehicle)130.20
Child (Immediate)Standard (No Escort Vehicle)57.40
Adult (Extended)Standard (No Escort Vehicle)213.50
Child (Extended)Standard (No Escort Vehicle)92.40
Adult (Immediate)Standard (With Escort Vehicle)167.40
Child (Immediate)Standard (With Escort Vehicle)73.80
Adult (Extended)Standard (With Escort Vehicle)274.50
Child (Extended)Standard (With Escort Vehicle)118.80
Adult (Immediate)Medium (No Escort Vehicle)148.50
Child (Immediate)Medium (No Escort Vehicle)65.60
Adult (Extended)Medium (No Escort Vehicle)244.00
Child (Extended)Medium (No Escort Vehicle)105.60
Adult (Immediate)Medium (With Escort Vehicle)186.00
Child (Immediate)Medium (With Escort Vehicle)82.00
Adult (Extended)Medium (With Escort Vehicle)305.00
Child (Extended)Medium (With Escort Vehicle)132.00
Adult (Immediate)Executive (No Escort Vehicle)204.60
Child (Immediate)Executive (No Escort Vehicle)90.20
Adult (Extended)Executive (No Escort Vehicle)335.50
Child (Extended)Executive (No Escort Vehicle)145.20
Adult (Immediate)Executive (With Escort Vehicle)260.40
Child (Immediate)Executive (With Escort Vehicle)114.80
Adult (Extended)Executive (With Escort Vehicle)427.00
Child (Extended)Executive (With Escort Vehicle)184.80
Adult (Immediate)Executive Plus (With Escort Vehicle)279.00
Child (Immediate)Executive Plus (With Escort Vehicle)123.00
Adult (Extended)Executive Plus (With Escort Vehicle)457.50
Child (Extended)Executive Plus (With Escort Vehicle)198.00
  • The escort vehicle is a 32 seater mini-bus to ferry relatives and friends to and from the funeral.