ItemZWL$ Price Per UnitRequired QuantityTotal Amount ZWL$
Margarine 500g137.994551.96
Roller Meal 20kg830.4021660.8
Brown Sugar 2kg215.803647.4
Tea leaves (100s)159.464637.84
Fresh Milk 500ml43.241340.44
Cooking Oil 750ml122.594490.36
Bread 700g67.82312102.42
Flour 2kg186.681186.68
Rice 2kg220.192440.38
Salt 500g39.97139.97
Tomatoes 1kg77.622155.24
Onions 1kg145.412290.82
Cabbage 1kg27.726166.32
Meat 1kg (Economy)325.0882600.64
Food Spending Total11,311.27
Soaps and Detergents
Bath Soap46.464185.84
Laundry Bar117.814471.24
Washing Powder 500g134.223402.66
Soaps and Detergents Total1,059.74
Other needs and wants
Transport60.0022 1320.00
Rent (3 roomed High
Clothing and Footwear1500.0011500.00
Total for other needs and wants8,614.00
Grand Total20,985.01
  • The consumer basket looks at essential monthly items required by an average family of 6 i.e two parents and four children of school-going age in September 2020
  • This budget is for low-income families who live in high-density suburbs and assumes the people are renting
  • This data is based on data from the Consumer Council of Zimbabwe

Historical changes in the family basket

Monthly Family Basket Consumer Council of Zimbabwe

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Family Basket Since January 2019