When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out the government of Zimbabwe banned private players in the urban public transport industry. They imposed a ZUPCO monopoly that failed to meet the two-year demand. In April of 2022, they eventually scrapped this monopoly and allowed private players back. ZUPCO now officially competes with private players although they are the cheapest they still do not meet demand.

Latest ZUPCO Fares Wednesday, 10 August 2022

Distance ZUPCO Bus Fare ZWL ZUPCO Bus Fare USD (Estimated) ZUPCO Kombi ZWL ZUPCO Kombi ZWL USD$ (Estimated)
The Latest ZUPCO Kombi and Bus Fares

Last Updated on Wednesday 10 August 2022 at 7:44:09 Central Africa Time


  • USD equivalent prices are automatically updated by our system based on the prevailing market rates.
  • A fare of $0 does not mean a free ride but rather means that the transport mode is not available. For example, ZUPCO kombis do not cover routes that are more than 20 KM from the CBD.
  • A kombi also is a passenger vehicle with a carrying capacity of 15 passengers although it often carries 19 excluding the driver and conductor who often hang from the door. ZUPCO kombis carry 18 passengers because the conductor has a seat.
  • Often ZUPCO fails to meet demand leaving pirate taxis and private vehicles to fill the gap
  • These vehicles usually match the price of ZUPCO although some charge more or less

Intercity Bus Fares Wednesday, 10 August 2022

From To Distance in KM Bus Fare in US$
HarareMutare263 km$10.00
HarareRusape170.5 km$7.00
HarareMarondera74.3 km$2.00
HarareBulawayo439.3 km$15.00
HarareNorton47.8 km$2.00
HarareChegutu108.9 km$5.00
HarareKadoma142 km$8.00
HarareKwekwe215.3 km$10.00
HarareGweru277.7 km$12.00
HarareMt Darwin155.7 km$10.00
HarareBindura86.4 km$4.00
HarareMazowe38.4 km$2.00
HarareNyamapanda263.3 km$10.00
HarareHonde Valley Hauna301.8 km$11.00
HarareChivhu141.9 km$4.00
HarareNyanga Centre271 km$10.00
HarareNyanga Nyamaropa71.5 km$4.00
HarareNyanga Ruwangwe100.9 km$5.00
HarareMasvingo294.9 km$7.00
HarareChinhoyi115.8 km$3.00
HarareGokwe Centre347.8 km$13.00
HarareGokwe Nembudziya272 km$10.00
HarareChiredzi432.6 km$15.00
HarareZvishavane387.1 km$15.00
HarareMurambinda246.9 km$10.00
HarareMurewa (Via Enterprise)92.6 km$3.00
HarareMurewa via Macheke181 km$4.00
HarareMurewa Mukarakate93.5 km$4.00
HarareChipinge446 km$14.00
HarareBeitbridge578 km$18.00
The Latest Intercity Bus Fares

Last Updated on Wednesday 10 August 2022 at 7:44:09 Central Africa Time

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  • These fares were taken from a survey done at Mbare Musika
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