We have noticed that the price of gas at Zuva service stations has gone up. We don’t know when this happened but it happened recently.

Last week LP gas was selling for $15 ZWL per KG. As of today, people were being asked to pay $18/KG at those stations where the gas was available. Like everything else the gas is imported and is therefore vulnerable to foreign currency fluctuations. It is not clear whether those importing gas get foreign currency from the RBZ as fuel importers do.

Zuva is a favourite among home users

A lot of people use gas for cooking given ZESA’s consistent 18-hour power cuts which will not be ending soon.

When it comes to LP Gas, Zuva is probably the most prominent retail supply, at least this is what I have observed. Just as people line up for hours waiting for fuel I have seen endless lines of gas tanks at their services stations as people wait for their turn to fill up.

Other large gas sellers such as Total require you to pay a deposit for their container/gas tank. This results in lock-in as you now have their container. Also, you have to buy a full tank of gas each time when you return the empty container. You cannot have an emergency 1kg.

ZERA still working on a gas framework

LP gas falls under the purview of the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA). They don’t control prices and selling conditions as tightly as they do with diesel and petrol but on multiple occasions, they have said they are working on a framework.