Ever since the lockdown began, the state owned public transport company, ZUPCO has had the public transport monopoly as part of the government’s lockdown regulations. This weekend the company announced that they were doubling fares again after doing so last month. This means that commuters will have to pay the following new fares when travelling to and from various CBDs:

  • ZUPCO kombis will now be charging $16 ZWL per passenger
  • ZUPCO buses will now be charging $8 ZWL per passenger

Commuters feel the pain

Commuters have had to contend with ZUPCO’s unreliability and lack of capacity. This has seen people queue and wait for hours at various bus stops as the government insist on keeping the ZUPCO monopoly in place. Things were made worse a few weeks ago when the government introduced a dusk to dawn curfew which has seen scores of people being caught in the curfew enforcement with some of them being physically chased out of town.