When it comes to customer support among ISPs ZOL offers the most options. Their support is not perfect but when you compare it to say TelOne’s you can see they are really trying. Their MyZOL app simply has no equal. However, a frequent problem with the app is that you want to use it but you have no internet. Naturally given how the app works you needs internet. So what are you to do in such situations? Well, you can use the USSD version of the app instead.

USSD is that service you normally use to interact with services like Ecocash. You know when you dial *151# and respond to prompts that come to your phone. If you want to use the MyZOL app you have to dial *656# instead. This is not a full-fleshed version of the MyZOL you can only do the following via USSD:

  • Pay your ZOL bill
  • Request your account balance
  • Get a statement
  • Reset your MyZOL password

How to register your account so you can access it via ZOL USSD

As the title suggests you will need to register before you use USSD. To do so follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you are using the line which you used to register your ZOL account if for some reason you cannot use this line do the following:
    1. Visit myzol.co.zw
    2. Login
    3. Go to my account
    4. Select profile
    5. Update the field with your new phone number
  2. Dial *656# on your phone
  3. Select option two and enter your ZOL ID. You should only enter the numeric part of your ID e.g. 123456
  4. You will be prompted to enter a PIN. If you are wondering which PIN you are not alone. You simply need to enter a new four-digit PIN here
  5. You will be prompted to enter the PIN again. 

Netone and Telecel don’t seem to be working at the moment unfortunately. You will either have to wait for ZOL to fix this or you can simply use an Econet line. Everyone has one.