Just a quick update, ZOL says the issue has been resolved whatever it was. Their service has been up since 10:00 AM. You can continue to read the story below but bear this in mind.

If you are a ZOL customer and have been having issues since around 8:30 AM this morning you are not alone. We are also ZOL customers and were baffled when we lost connectivity out of the blue. We thought it was a local issue and tried to hop base stations on the Wibroniks platform. That did not work, we could see all base stations which seemed to have a good signal but were not allowing us to connect. Turns out it’s a wider issue. The country’s largest internet service provider has issued a notice on it’s support platform.

important Notice: Internet Service Disruption
Kindly note that there is a challenge on the network that is affecting your internet connection. We have alerted our engineers and they are working to resolve this as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience caused during this time.
Start time: 9:00hrs
Resolution time: TBA

ZOL’s notice about the issue

We are now able to connect to the internet although it’s not clear if the issue has been resolved or not.