Zimbabwe’s largest internet service provider ZOL hiked prices for certain packages last week. In a communication to customers, they informed those with outstanding bills for August that those paying from 16 August will have to pay the new prices.

Package prices were increased by 15% to the following:

DescriptionGB per PackageCurrent PriceNew Price
Wibroniks 15 Top Up15GB92.50106.50
Wibroniks 20 To Up20GB106.50122.50
Wibroniks 30 To Up30GB166.50191.50

All other package prices remain unchanged.

Modem prices have gone up too

Modem prices have also been increased:

Indoor ModemOutdoor Modem
Cash Price499699
Contract Price4560

Contract prices have to be paid for 12 months before the equipment is fully paid. Also, all prices are in Zimbabwean dollars (ZWL).